This Privacy policy (hereinafter – Policy) applies to all sensitive (personal) information and data, which can be obtained on the User while the User is using the website as well as in the course of providing services to the User, which are offered by «Pulse» on the Website: (hereinafter – Website). The User expresses his consent to this Policy within the framework of the Public Offer and Website Terms of Use Agreement, available on the website at the following link


All terms and definitions contained in in this Policy are understood within the same context as in the Public Offer and Website Terms of Use Agreement

«Pulse» respects the sensitive (personal) information and data (hereinafter - data) of any individual who visited the website «Pulse» strives to protect the privacy of personal data by creating and ensuring for these reasons maximally comfortable terms of use of the Website for every User. The data and information on the legal entities are not related to personal data.

The User agrees to processing of his personal data, as follows – taking any actions stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”, and confirms that, by giving this consent, he acts against his will and in his own best interest.

If you are unwilling, unable or disagree with the terms of this Policy, please discontinue using the Website and its Services.

«Pulse» does not verify the authenticity of the personal data provided by the User of the Website.

By acceding to this Policy, using the Website and posting data on the Website through filling out the registration data fields, the User:

  • confirms that all provided data belongs personally to him;
  • agrees and acknowledges that he thoroughly read this Policy and the Terms of processing of his personal data;
  • acknowledges that he understands the text of this Policy and the Terms of processing of his personal data;
  • agrees to the processing of his personal data by the Website;
  • gives his consent to the Terms of processing of his personal data, which is specific and informed.


When using the Website and Services, offered by «Pulse» on the Website, the User’s personal data is processed, as follows:

  • data, which is filled out by the User himself in the registration forms available on the Website (for example, User name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.);
  • cookies;
  • information on User IP address;
  • information on user's whereabouts.

When visiting the website, all logins are recorded. All other information on the User’s traffic is not processed and stored by «Pulse».


«Pulse» needs this data to provide the services at the highest level and compile the information which the best way corresponds to the User’s interests, to respond to relevant queries (questions) sent by the User by filling out the feedback form or any other registration form, filled out by the User on the Website to assess User interest and awareness of the Services and updates of the Website, which might interest him, to settle disputes and difficult situations, as well as for other purposes found out when providing the User with the information or otherwise by his consent.

The User grants «Pulse» the right to carry out the following operations with his personal data:

  • collection and accumulation;
  • data storage for the records retention period, stipulated by the regulatory documents, but not less than three years since the date of termination of using the services by the User;
  • clarification (updating, altering);
  • use;
  • destruction;
  • anonymization;
  • transfer upon request of the court, including to the third parties, using the safeguards to protect personal data from any unauthorized access.

«Pulse» uses tracking technologies (cookies) to collect such personal data as browser type or operating system, reference page, route on the Website, domain name of the Internet provider, etc., aiming to obtain general information about the way the User uses the Website. Cookies enable to improve this Website according to the User’s requirements.

Except as specified by this Policy, «Pulse» will not make User’s data available to any of the third parties without the User’s consent, unless «Pulse» considers that the disclosure of the User’s data is required under the acting legislation of Ukraine.

It shall not be considered a violation if «Pulse» makes User’s data available to the third parties, acting based on contracts or agreements with «Pulse», to meet its obligations to the User and only as a part of these contracts or agreements. The third parties undertake to protect the User’s personal data to the extent as «Pulse» does it.

Third-party applications may collect certain financial information from the User needed for payment processing. We recommend you to read the Privacy policies of these third-party services and systems.


In order to provide the Services to the User in a reliable and responsible manner, all sensitive (personal) information and data, collected by «Pulse» on the User, will be stored on the servers with limited access.

«Pulse» uses technical and administrative safeguards to protect the data under control of «Pulse» from any losses and misuse.

Although «Pulse» strives to maximally ensure secure storage and processing of the User’s sensitive (personal) information and data, «Pulse» cannot guarantee absolute protection of data against external threats, which are not regulated by «Pulse».

The Website can contain links to third-party websites (including for information purposes). When following the link to third-party websites, the Policy will not apply to such websites. Therefore, «Pulse» recommends you to read every website’s Policy in the field of privacy and personal data before sharing any personal data which can be used to identify the User.


«Pulse» may amend this Privacy policy from time to time. At the same time, posting an up-to-date version on the Website is a sufficient notice of such amendment. The User should regularly check the Privacy policy for updates. Any amendments shall become effective since publishing an updated Privacy policy on the Website.

The User understands and agrees that his access to the Website after any published amendments to the Privacy policy implies his acceptance of the amendments.

This Privacy policy shall be a subject to the Law of Ukraine.

If the User has any questions about the Privacy policy, or in case if the User has any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions in respect of the protection and processing of sensitive (personal) information and data, you can contact «Pulse» by the following e-mail: