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Media Monitoring of Social Networks

Pulse — a tool for real-time monitoring of mentions in Ukrainian and international online media and social networks.

The primary objective of Pulse is to find new mentions of a specified object in media, social networks, Telegram, and instantly notify the user about them, display the information in a timeline, analyze sentiment and engagement, and generate statistics.

We understand the significant role that social networks and media play in building personal brands, as well as maintaining reputation, both personal and business, in today's world. There is a growing need to stay informed about what is being said about you or your business on the Internet. That's why we have selected the widest range of sources for monitoring:

*1600+ ukrainian media, 1800+ international madia

Flexible configuration of key queries and search areas

Configure highly precise key queries using deliberately placed logical operators or avoid unlinked mentions by adding deleted words.

An example of a media monitoring platform

Choose the platform type where you need to monitor queries.

Customize notifications about new mentions, their frequency, and prioritize them by sentiment type.

Keyword monitoring

Add your own sources for additional information search.

Add links to publications for saving and analyzing mentions in one timeline.

Media monitoring of the brand by keywords

Create your own categories to filter and analyze individual timeline posts.

Media monitoring of the brand

Functional timeline with monitoring results

Never miss critical mentions

  • All publications found and analyzed by the Pulse system are stored in the project timeline along with additional metrics: sentiment, source coverage, and categories.

  • With a wide range of filters, you can easily find and export to a file the necessary publications based on specific key queries, sentiment type, source type, and creation date.

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