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Analytics of Mentions in Media and Social Networks Publications

Pulse media scout provides user-friendly graphical reports, enabling clients to swiftly grasp statistical data regarding mentions in publications. This empowers users to make informed decisions based on the data and adjust their PR strategies as necessary.

Our analysis and visualization tools enable users to compare the coverage and sentiment indicators of publications over time, as well as identify the top platforms for posting information. This helps clients understand their brand's online presence and make strategic decisions to enhance their market position.


Analytics of Mentions in Publications and Their Sources

  • Quickly create daily, weekly, or monthly reports to share with your team and validate your decisions.

  • Receive instant reports on each spike and drop in coverage, identify patterns, and recognize trends.

  • Analyze the type and list of publication sources, taking into account their ratings among the most visited sites.

  • Get reports directly in your project dashboard or export data in your preferred format — PDF, Excel.

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Monitoring mentions in the media
Monitoring of social networks

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