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Media and social networks publication monitoring system

Monitoring mentions on social networks, media websites and messengers.

Real-time analysis of your brand's public image and its presence in the media.

Use media monitoring to protect your brand's reputation. Stay abreast of competitors' latest actions and industry trends.

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Media monitoring
Media monitoring platform

The monitoring results are provided with consideration of the publication's sentiment, quantitative engagement metrics, and are available for export in report format.

  • We provide data on publication coverage
  • Automatically calculate the sentiment of the publication and provide the option to change it
  • Analyze additional mentions; categorize them according to specified categories
Try for free for 14 days

Consolidate and analyze all mentions of your brand in media and social networks in one place.

Pulse provides the ability to:

  • Upload a list of individual media and social network sources, import publication links
  • Monitor publications based on key queries or monitor feeds from specific sources
  • Import any publications into the timeline
  • Generate custom reports and analyze data on demand

Choose the type of search you need: by keywords among sources or monitoring the feed of a specific source

Why should you choose our system?

  • All types of online media within an efficient and user-friendly system with rapid monitoring (up to 20 minutes);
  • Guaranteed delivery of relevant publications on social networks, considering quantitative engagement metrics in real-time;
  • Ability to search for publications (up to 3 months) using key queries (similar to Google search);
  • Ability to add your own sources, import publication links;
  • Ability to customize your categories and mentions settings for labelling publications for further analysis;
  • Analytical reports in graphical format;
  • Dashboards with flexible unique settings.